Currently scheduled open photography workshops in East and West Sussex, and London

Read more about what to expect during these sessions below.

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Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

On a cold windy afternoon in March I arranged a photographic lesson with Slawek which at first I hoped would be cancelled due to the cold conditions. The weather was dull and grey not good photographic conditions. However we went on the walk to the beach and discussed what we were hoping to get out… Read more “Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters”

Derek Chivers
9th March 2020

Landscape photography workshop on South Downs near Saltdean, East Sussex

8th September 2024, 2pm-7pm

Meeting spot: Saltdean Vale shops (BN2 8HF, map)

Focus on telephoto landscape.

About 4 miles of walking on hills.

Available spaces: 6
Price: £70

Cityscape photography workshop at Chelsea and Battersea, London

5th October 2024, 2.15pm-7.15pm

Meeting spot: outside of Daily Telegraph on Buckingham Palace Rd (SW1W 0DT, map)

Cityscapes, architecture and Blue Hour.

3-4 miles of walking on flat.

Albert Bridge in London.

Available spaces: 5
Price: £70

Landscape photography workshop at Seaford Head, East Sussex

19th October 2024, 1pm-6pm

Meeting spot: South Hill Barn car park (BN25 4JQ, map)

Seascapes, long exposure.

2-3 miles of walking on rough terrain.

Hope Gap in East Sussex

Available spaces: 6
Price: £70

Landscape photography workshop in Brighton

3rd November 2024, 12.15pm-5.15pm

Meeting spot: Brighton Bandstand (BN1 2PQ, map)

Seascapes, architecture, long exposures, blue hour photography.

2-3 miles of walking on flat.

West Pier at sunset

Available spaces: 5
Price: £70

Landscape photography workshop in Eastbourne

23rd November 2024, 12pm-5pm

Meeting spot: entrance to Eastbourne Pier (BN21 3AD, map)

Seascapes, architecture, long exposures, blue hour photography.

2-3 miles of walking on flat.

Sunset at Eastbourne Pier by Slawek Staszczuk Photography

Available spaces: 6
Price: £70

Gift certificates are available for all photography workshops (group and individual)

About group photography workshops

One-day group photography workshops/courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays across a variety of locations in East and West Sussex. Sometimes further afield in South East England (Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and London).

The subjects and themes include the South Downs and general countryside, woodlands, architecture in villages and towns. Also cityscapes, seascapes, long exposures and “blue hour“.

Key facts

Photography Workshops in Sussex and South East England


By BACS, you’ll receive the bank details when you get in touch with your booking.
Payment is not automated on the site, because I would like to first get some basic information about your experience level, kit and expectations from the workshop. Some workshops require specific lenses/focal length if you want to get the most out of them. I might suggest joining a different session or taking a lesson first.
Photography Workshops in Sussex and South East England

Refund policy

You can cancel your reservation up to a week before the session and receive a full refund.
If the workshop is rescheduled due to adverse weather and you are unable to attend on another date, you will receive a full refund. You can also choose to join another session instead or use your credit towards a bespoke workshop or lesson.
Gift certificates are not refundable/redeemable in cash.

What to expect during a group photography workshop

Everyone gets individual attention, so you will get help and advice tailored to your needs.

On the technical side you can expect help:

  • choosing the right settings for the scene/subject matter, including shooting mode, ISO, aperture, exposure compensation etc.
  • working with Histogram
  • focusing and working with depth of field
  • using filters

On the creative side of landscape photography:

  • choosing your perspective
  • composition
  • making the best of available light
  • timing  and planning

You’ll meet like-minded people and probably learn from them as well as from me. There is always good, relaxed atmosphere on my workshops, so don’t feel shy about joining.

Landscape Photography Course at Seven Sisters in East Sussex

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops are open to photographers of all abilities, as everyone gets individual attention.

Only if you are completely new to photography and can’t tell shutter speed from aperture, I would recommend a lesson on introduction to photography first.

You can benefit from a workshop whatever camera you have, as long as it has manual settings.

Tripod is a must. Anything else is optional.

I always get in touch with everyone a couple of days before, when the weather forecast is reasonably accurate. If the weather on the day is foul (incessant rain, storm), the workshop is rescheduled to another date convenient for everyone, or you can choose to join another session instead, or get a refund.

The locations usually require a few miles of walking, sometimes on hills. There is a short description for any scheduled session detailing the approximate mileage and kind of terrain. Get in touch if you have any doubts.

Some locations, mostly towns and cities, will have pubs and similar establishments where we can take a proper sit-down break. Countryside locations typically don’t, so some packed lunch or snacks will be in order there. I’d always recommend a flask of water.

Countryside locations always entail some distance on rough terrain and usually stiles or kissing gates to negotiate. So if you need a mobility scouter or walking aid, these will not be suitable for you.

Some city/town locations could be suitable, please get in touch for details. But the best thing would be to arrange a bespoke workshop.

Countryside locations usually will not have any facilities (with some exceptions), town/city locations will.

If you have any other questions or doubts: